Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Santa Barbara Island: Insights into the Prehistory of California’s Channel Islands through its Smallest Island

Dr. Jennifer E. Perry, California State University, Channel Islands

Of California’s eight Channel Islands and one of 5 islands in Channel Islands National Park (CINP), Santa Barbara Island is the smallest at one square mile. For decades only 19 prehistoric Tongva sites had been known on the island and were presumed to be the extent of the archaeological record. In 2012 a team was assembled by CINP to update the records for these sites, during which we determined the need for a resurvey of the island. Completed in 2016, the survey resulted in the documentation of 64 sites, of which 48 are new sites. Thirteen sites with radiocarbon dates indicate that people visited the island episodically for the past 4,000 years, with peaks between 2000-1000 BC and after AD 500. Whereas past researchers were able to identify general patterns of island use (Greenwood 1978; Erlandson et al. 1992; Rick 2001; Rick and Erlandson 2001; Rozaire 1978; Snethkamp 1986), we are now able to evaluate intra-island spatial and temporal variability in greater detail. This presentation will highlight the results of the survey in terms of the island’s prehistory and the different roles the island may have played in broader settlement and subsistence systems on the Channel Islands.
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