Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Dating the Chumash Ventureno Region

Deborah Roman, Director, Stagecoach Inn Museum

The dating of sites within the Chumash Ventureno region has been robust for the Late Period, but less well represented for the Early and Middle Periods. Ms. Roman, as director of the VEN-632+/Conejo Open Space Archaeological Study, will report on the latest results of the AMS radiocarbon dating on the specific sites of Lang Ranch and Oakbrook Park and review the correlations of the obsidian sourcing from those specific levels. The testing perfomed invovles re-analysis of legacy artifact collections from sites located in the Open Space. The dating clearly suggests a deep antiquity of occupation - as early as AMS 10,011 rcybp - within the area and the obsidian sourcing demonstrates distinctive patterning in preferred choices of lithics. A comparison of data bewteen the site of Tale-pop within the Santa Monica Mountains and the results from the Open Space is explored in this presentation.

Meeting Place
Second Tuesday of every month (no meetings in July and August) at 7:00 pm
Chumash Indian Museum 
3290 Lang Ranch Pkwy Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Ventura County Archeological Society (VCAS) 
P.O. Box 4172 
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359 

   The VCAS/Ventura County Archaeological Society was established in 1972 when concerned Ventura County citizens as well as local professional and avocational archaeologists saw a need to organize, study and preserve our County's rich prehistoric heritage.

  The Society has been instrumental in the implementation of research and preservation goals aimed at our local archaeological resources.  With an eye towards the future the Society has a collections and archival curation program, site recordation and monitoring program, and a continuing education program. 

101 freeway take Westlake Blvd exit, go to North Westlake Blvd 4 miles to Lang Ranch Pkwy, turn right. Museum is on right hand side
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