Peopling of the Americas: Current Perspectives
Dr. Michael J. Moratto

In his presentation, Dr. Moratto will elucidate some of the exciting new discoveries and models related to the peopling of the Western Hemisphere during the past 25,000+ years. Not long ago, archaeologists were convinced that America was populated by Siberians who trekked across the Bering Land Bridge and advanced overland, through an "ice-free corridor" in western Canada, onto the Great Plains. From there, beginning some 11,000 years ago, the intrepid colonists fanned out rapidly to occupy the New World and kill off its megafauna, leaving in their wake fluted spear point and other markers of the Clovis "big game hunting" culture.

However, much of this model has turned out to be wrong. Recent scientific work in many fields has greatly revised our understanding of when, how, and by whom the Americas were first settled as well as our knowledge of Clovis, contemporary cultures and their antecedents. 
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Chumash Indian Museum 
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Ventura County Archeological Society (VCAS) 
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   The VCAS/Ventura County Archaeological Society was established in 1972 when concerned Ventura County citizens as well as local professional and avocational archaeologists saw a need to organize, study and preserve our County's rich prehistoric heritage.

  The Society has been instrumental in the implementation of research and preservation goals aimed at our local archaeological resources.  With an eye towards the future the Society has a collections and archival curation program, site recordation and monitoring program, and a continuing education program. 

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